It can be easy to get killed

by their happiness

or unhappiness.

When they are happy, their smile is real, but it isn’t strong

it comes and goes, as the wind blows.

When they are unhappy, their smile is false

and so strong

made from steel—it stays the same.

It smiles at pain.

It smiles at the sun.

It smiles when others are happy—the scariest thing

that artificial light, kills any warmth I feel

because it isn’t real.

I walk down sidewalks, of carefully poured concrete

trying not to step on the cracks.

I walk through forest fires

and try not to burn up.

It helps to bathe in cold water

to sleep

in the snow.

Nobody knows

why happiness and unhappiness

are so dangerous.

One freezes you

while the other

blows you away.

I want to walk into the sun

and become the sun

it’s the only way.

We admire

the crazy ones

who walk down mean streets

while cars are honking and swerving

to get out of their way

until one rule-follower

runs them down.

Getting killed

is the price of staying alive

at the end of the day.

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