Jobs aren’t difficult

it’s the people who work at jobs

that are difficult.

Over the years, I’ve come-up with dozens of coping strategies.

In a board meeting, I like to review my routine, and how to make it better.

Granted, I should do some creative thinking, but it always gives me a far-off look

and my boss notices.


I have never had ADD, but that’s because, I was interested in what I was doing.

Lately, I sympathize with children

put on amphetamines.

We have to find a way

to get through our days.

The worst, is being dominated by somebody else’s personality

especially when

you know

it has nothing to do with your job,

and if they realize

you don’t like them,

they become intentionally nasty.

When my mind is hijacked by boring routines

and work conversations

it feels like terrorists

flew an airplane into my skull.

Doing meaningless tasks

causes me to wonder

if I live in a meaningful world.

Horrible People work in Administration

I don’t know if they start-out that way

or if, working in Hell

transforms them into Devils.

Whenever they introduce themselves, they brag about themselves

Then they interrupt each other, and correct each other.

I might ask a question of someone, and somebody else answers

because they want everybody to know

they know the answer.

Then all the bitter ones get together and gossip

about how much

they don’t like this person or that person.

It’s enough to drive a man insane, so I stay inside my office

and try to get the paperwork done.

There’s no windows.

My last office had mold in it

and it took them six months to move me

into my new hole in the wall.

I guess, I can’t complain though…

When I first worked in the district

my mentor had rat poison defusing into her office.

Her sink was leaking

into a bag.

She kept getting rushed to the hospital

and nobody knew why.

Work will kill you,

but they never tell you that.

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