It’s easy to get drunk on power

if people let you keep drinking. Most often,

they will try to force you to quit, but the man

who has tasted power, is not going to.


They want to limit the flow of power

in you

but once it gets flowing, baby

nothing can turn it off.

Limits, only increase the power.

Where does it come from?

It’s elusive and fickle. There are many fake varieties

akin to status and position

but the people who occupy

those empty places of power

feel empty

most of the time

and when they see a person who has power

and no position

they want that, but they don’t know how to get it.

I don’t know for certain

what power is.

It’s a sense of your potentiality

manifested, under your control.

I’ve felt it most when writing a poem

Sometimes, when playing a piece of music

(Although, it hardly seems fair, to copy someone else, and feel their power, rushing inside me).

I’ve felt it from reading powerful poets

and philosophers.

I’ve understood it

on the golf course.

I’ve watched a movie

with great music

and felt the flow.

I’ve walked into meetings,

and known the power.

It isn’t always a selfish feeling,

but one that you share with others

like a sunset

or a championship

or a fire in the dark.

The power is inside us

and we have the ability to stoke it

or snuff it out.

It’s a collaborative orchestra building a crescendo

It’s nationalism.

It’s a painter

lost in their own painting.


doesn’t make you smarter

it magnifies your stupidity.

It is the vehicle

to arrive at your destination

but if you don’t know how to get there

you’re just going to explode.

People have big ideas that never get realized,

and they think,

If I only had the power.

Once this force is found

and used

there is no stronger feeling than that.

Love needs

Love wants

but Power has

and to know you are powerful

is a kind of sobering euphoria

To be a plus

in a sea of negatives


and turning the tide.

Walking on water

A boat floats

It isn’t the function of power

that matters

But the ability to defy the laws of nature

and get away with it.

To stand outside

the rules of men

To be God

This is the origin of everything.

2 thoughts on “Drunk on Power

  1. That is why most of them fall. When people get drunk on power so bad that they start to think they are God, that’s when their real downfall starts.

    I like the line: Power
    doesn’t make you smarter
    it magnifies your stupidity.

    Our politicians comes to mind 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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