When I walked into the Pro Shop, there was a beautiful blond girl working behind the counter, and you know what?

She was nice, too.

You can always tell that about someone.

I enjoyed talking to her, what few words we said, but then I got to thinking…

All the other guys like me

think the same thing

about her.

There is nothing pure

in the world.

It’s competitive—

and difficult to keep score

when you’re measuring the feelings of love.

Women will deny

the pragmatic reasons for their attraction

because they are pragmatic.

Feelings change, like the wind—

they don’t need to be justified.

Needless to say, I enjoyed those words we said to each other

and went my own way.

On the golf course, I met a cool guy

but something was off about him.

He smokes cigars and plays in his bare feet

like a hobbit.

He’s friendly.

He talks to the prick in the Pro Shop, like they are best friends.

It made me wonder, if I am the prick.

The ability to make friends (Easily) to get a girlfriend (Easily) to have the life that you want (Effortlessly)

Does that make you a good man?

Sometimes, the evilest men under the sun are good with people

Just like the devil,

but this guy has treated me fair, thus far

and all I have

are my instincts to lean on.

Do we really know ourselves, or anybody?

Maybe, I’m a narcissistic baby

that complains when I don’t get what I want.

7 thoughts on “Am I the Prick?

  1. I had a game I played as a teen called ” Who’s the asshole?” The goal was to make sure you were not said asshole while simultaneously ensuring the other guy was. As I got older, the game changed. Now I play the game with myself since I figured out awhile ago that 99% of the time, I was actually on the losing end even when I had been quite sure I wasn’t. The new game is called “The Daily Examen”. Much more fun to play and even when I lose, I win! I didn’t think of it though. Some Ignatius guy 😉
    I like this poem very much.

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