There is never enough time to write

when the words are bursting out of me.

It might be easy to quit most things: jobs, girlfriends, hobbies

but writing isn’t one of them.

I don’t have time to edit, or criticize

Only time to write down the truth.

And that’s the way it should be.

Insomnia will make you a zombie, but there is one good thing

that comes from not getting enough sleep

None of the problems or terrors in the world matter

other than getting rest.

It’s like the body gets tunnel vision

and it sees beds to lie down in everywhere.

When I worked on the golf course, those sand traps looked so soft

and if I was homeless, I would imagine

that a park bench would be a nice place to get some rest.

Every day you wake up with a full night’s sleep, you can be a different person.

I would sleep in graveyards. There would be nobody to bother me there

and it’s nice to think about death, like a good night’s sleep

that I will never wake-up from.

No insomnia.

No drooling at 2 PM, waiting for the clock to say 3.

No inability, to fight the flagging body

that wants to surrender to everything.

I just want to get away from most people, especially when I listen to their conversations

They can leave me out of the loop, and I’m grateful.

Whenever I’m talking to one of them, it’s my goal to get away from them

as soon as possible (and they are offended, but they should change, if they want me to stick around).

Put me on welfare, and I will think brilliant thoughts in the library

like the homeless men


One wears a coat in the heat of summer. I see him jumping up and down on the street corner

with a smile on his face.

How many professionals do that?

If I talk to a woman on a date

we discuss life over coffee

and she reminds me

of all the others.

To think one brilliant thought

after another

and not need anything else

To gamble on what’s free

and become wealthy

Writing is that for me

and I hope my good luck holds out

until I get a good night’s sleep.

6 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. As one who has gone without sleep and without a bed upon which to lay, I can truly say how comfortable a concrete step becomes and how restful slipping in and out of lucidity whilst sitting upright can be. Need overcomes desire in the most amusing ways.

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  2. My normal poetry leaves me without the abillity to express completely the empathy I feel for this. Though I have most often struggled with the insomnia, that tunnel of alertness where you wonder why your mind has left you behind…I find myself thinking that all the words I can express fall flat on reading the beauty in the way you wrote yours.

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