If a man can’t stand up


all that he stands on

what good is he?

It doesn’t do much good

to say, “I don’t know.”

Because nobody knows

and they want to know

“Why is he the expert?”

“Why not me,

or you?”

The captain always knows.

Most men

can’t be trained to be the captain.

They just are.

That is the secret to men who are good with women

To surgeons, who cut a piece of meat for Thanksgiving,

and then do the same thing

on a human body.

They never stop BEING

because they are.

That is the secret

to being great at anything.

It haunts your mind


it’s a ghost.

Salesmen sell to our shortcomings

A wise person is thankful

for what they already have

even when they part with suggested pain

placed there

by a hypnotist.

I talked to our previous Dean


she is happier in her new role

but it’s hard to give-up prestige

to do what she loves.

Some poor bastard got her job

because it’s in demand

and their soul is eaten-up by angry parents.

Men who protect their women

think they have a good thing

and perhaps they do

but not having anything to protect

is freeing.

That doesn’t mean

you don’t have everything.

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