Back at the hotel, Tanya went through her suitcase. She pulled-out a black one-piece and laid it next to her diver’s belt.

Gregson collapsed on the bed. “Better bring your A-Game,” he said.

“Are you going to call Murphy?”

“I already did. We’ll have to stay alive long-enough to give him the coordinates to the island.”

“Close your eyes,” Tanya said.

Gregson shut them, hearing her red dress hit the floor. Then, he opened them. She was on fire, slipping into her black bathing suit. SNAP. Her shoulder straps supported her chest nicely.

“Time to sleep,” she said.

“There’s only one bed.”

“Good observation. You are a detective. Now, sleep on the floor.”

Gregson didn’t mind, if she was going to be that way. He looked at the moth balls, and went to sleep.

He woke up to espresso.

“Three shots,” Tanya said. “Let’s hope they’re the only ones that go through you today.” She was wearing red running shorts, which magnified her red hair. Her lipstick was a turn-on.

“What kind of weapon are you going to bring?” Gregson asked.

“Didn’t you read the card?”


“It says, weapons and snacks will be provided on the plane.”

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