I go to my parents’ house

and my dad is watching the mad rabbi on TV, again

with a beard, bigger than Goliath.

“He says the internet is going to go down for 4 days.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes. The government is going to shut it down.”


“Because of these sinful times.”

My dad’s instant coffee is steaming hot, as he takes a big gulp.

“You should check-out this young guy—he can really prophesy.”

We start watching YouTube together, until my mother is ready for her walk.

“I’m worried about you two,” I said. “You’re drinking the same cool-aid.”

“Don’t worry about us. You need to worry about finding a woman.”

We get back home and I ask my dad honest questions, that he can’t answer…

“Are you ever bored, all the time?”

“I have a very active mind,” he said.

“I do too, but it’s not stimulating enough. Maybe, I should coach a basketball team, and force those kids to run. The human experiment is so much fun.”

My dad is bored with me, and goes back to his phone.

“I’m not afraid of anything,” I said.

No reaction.

I spoke to my friend and told him, “I can’t just do things. They have to be genuine.”

“If you take action for the sake of action, it won’t be authentic,” he confirmed.

“Yes, that’s been my philosophy, but now I’m not so sure.”

“Maybe, I need to get my motorcycle license or fly a plane—have a near death experience and see God.”

“No. Just pray. Don’t do anything, you don’t want to do.”

“I’m past that now,” I said. “There is only silence, and then the voices are all the same.”

I talked to an East Indian Healer on Sunday—and he told me, love is universal.

“What about communication?” I asked. That must be difficult, when you can’t bring people back to life at the hospital.”

“I empathize with them and feel their pain. That’s worth more than any drug.”

“You’re a good listener,” I said.

“And you’re a good talker,” he told me.

I have to find my destiny soon

and wear it like a holy shirt.

When I find it, I’m going to put it on

and never take it off.

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