She has pink hair

“Oh—that’s a bad sign.”

You see, healthiness of hair

is a biological attractor.

It tells the male, if he should mate with the female.

Dictators are poisoned


over time

and the length of their hair

is a history of exposure.

It’s usually their wives, who get them in the end.


like Britney Spears,

shave their heads

to hide the drugs

seeping into their hair.

They claim

to donate their scalp to cancer

but I know


I have studied the female for years.

She wears multi-colored tattoos—

as an indication of the poison inside her

Just like a dart frog or snake

orange, black, and blue.


wore tattoos

then Sailors

and concentration camp victims (against their will)

Now, it’s the feminist (who willingly marks her largest organ in ink)

and the naive women

who unknowingly follow

those toxic females

poisoning society.

A tattoo is symbolic of her story

and the hidden ones

are the worst.

She gets them

to remember her past

and not to forget

her baggage.

Don’t ever claim it.


is a woman’s weapon

Never forget that.

You can tell her degree of sadism

by the number of piercings

she has.

Anybody who enjoys pain

loves to inflict that

on others…



and don’t say

I didn’t warn you.

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