What’s worse

that my coworkers don’t laugh at my jokes

“I need some tissues,” I said. “I’ve been crying in my office.”


That they don’t acknowledge me, as if, I’m only a ghost?

I am nothing

without a witness.

She stares at her computer screen

She isn’t doing work

She’s buying, from the home-shopping-network.

Oh well…

Recently, I’ve been looking at their blank faces

and I understand why they prefer their screens

Phones are easier to read

She can keep it under her thumb

a face thinks a thousand things

it hates

and smiles

and sometimes loves.

I caught the principal with his pants down

He didn’t lock the door

“Excuse me,” he said.

I guess, he shits, like everybody else

like blonds

in jean shorts.


is a monster

inside me

and without that gnawing hunger

what would life be?

Just warm wind

and beautiful leaves.

But I am not a man who lies on his back

and watches clouds.

I want things

and the world takes delight

in not giving me

what I want.

Sometimes, I talk to our instructional coach

with a pencil under his ear.

“Do you ever forget it’s there?” I ask.

“I put it under my left ear, even though, I’m right-hand dominant.”


“Because my left eye, is stronger than my right.”

Leave it to teachers

to have an explanation for everything.

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