I try

to escape


with no apparent end.

Did you know…

subliminal advertising is used to get you to buy more popcorn?

They show images

at 1/40th of a second

to cross a threshold, you don’t know you have crossed


it’s beneath your awareness

like a cat

slipping under a door.

Who would have thought

a fat cat

could make itself go flat?

No wonder, there are so many sick people

in society.

George Bush used subliminal advertising


Al Gore.

They showed potential voters, RATS

with a picture of the Vice President smiling.

Ever wonder why

you want spaghetti

and not Teriyaki?

The advertisers

sneak inside your mind like rats

gnawing, with suggestions

to make you think

what they want.

Automatic Pilot

allows my mind to wander

like an airplane

without gasoline.

I ride down tunnels of golden leaves

in the lukewarm air.

I don’t care about anything.

Nature sublimates my mind

with her seasons.

I feel like the sunshine is inside of me.

Classical music erases my mind

with the emotions of the centuries.

If I can choose what I want,

I will glide forever

on the thermals

that carry

beautiful leaves.

10 thoughts on “A Sub (Latin: Under) liminal (Latin: Threshold) Poem

  1. This great post brought back some TV memories. Do you recall a “Columbo” episode that involved subliminal cuts? Oh, it was genius! Robert Culp was the bad guy (isn’t he always?) who was in the movie-making business. Just as you pointed out, subliminal cuts of salty popcorn were incorporated into the movie to make his victim thirsty. One trip to the water fountain did not end well and it was up to the clever lieutenant to figure out the puzzle. Those were great shows. Why aren’t there great shows like that on TV anymore? 📺

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Because it won’t make any money because isn’t full of sex and violence and disgusting language which I’m all for but in its proper place. A show like Columbo would be laughed out of Dodge these days by the same fools who watch The Kardashians and The Bachelorette other shite like that. Give me American Movie Classics and Turner Classic Movies any day. I don’t need porn on my TV; it’s available on the net.

        Liked by 1 person

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