I don’t know what’s worse

People who take no interest in me, what-so-ever

or people who complement me

because they know it works.

A good friend is somebody, you can have a good time with.

I have been shunned on several occasions


and when I find-out

usually, I’m amused,

especially when, they go out-of-their-way

to bait me, by asking

If I will be attending their party,

knowing full-well

I wasn’t invited.

I usually say…

“I don’t think I will. I need to play golf.”

“But after you play, why don’t you show up?” They say.

“I don’t think so. Those kinds of scenes, aren’t my thing.”

They are disappointed

their cruelty didn’t work.

They’re doing what women do, and it’s sad, really.

Essentialism is about doing what matters to you

and letting people play their games.

They need them

to get through their boring lives.

It’s just dung on a hook

and I would rather eat

raspberries in bed

while reading a book.

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