Knowledge is useless

most of the time

and our brains accumulate more of it

as the years go by.

People read to be safe,

but what are they afraid of?

Kids are full of questions

and their fathers have the answers

like God.

When I was a kid, my dad would have a conversation by himself

because I didn’t know anything

and over the years

he would comment on the Latin names of trees

and flowers.

Now, his brain goes back to the same places

to retrieve the same stuff,

and the spell of magnanimity

is not there.

He never seems to read

but at one time, before I was born

he flipped through the encyclopedia

to memorize it.

We follow our routines and travel outside of them

to new countries,

but we never go deep down, where we can never get back—it’s too much like hell.

The problem with JOB was—he was a servant and a rich man, and I don’t want to be.

If I look-at my pattern of knowledge

in the last decade, it wants what

I can’t find

in other people.

I don’t know it, personally.

Only glimpses—

like when I play Chopin on the piano

and I am carried away by the notes of change.

Some would say, this is a desire to know God

while others would point to personal transcendence.

Living in society

without limits, is impossible.

Many try, in their own minds

but it’s a fantasy.

Those who came before

were the great composers of classical music—


of a new way of thinking


of deep secrets—Obvious,

once they are said.

Just think of outer space. How many people do, on any given day?

A writer will grab you

like the boogey man, and hold on

in the dark.

The strangest thing is, he might be your father

you never had

until you become


2 thoughts on “Father Encyclopedia and His little book

  1. “when I play Chopin on the piano

    and I am carried away by the notes of change.”

    That. That matters. What carries us away is our passion. It is the vehicle of change.

    Liked by 1 person

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