‘Don’t ask questions, or I will be forced to hold you in contempt—transfer or no transfer,’ the warden said.

I went back to my barracks to load my shotgun. The thought of so much blood on my hands made them shake. I couldn’t go through with it.

Before—I assumed they were murderous lunatics. Now, I wondered…

“What did you do?” Charlie asked.

“Stop interrupting my story,” Bill said. “I wanted to find-out why the warden was worried. It had to do with the end of the month and our psychiatrist dying. He had a PhD in Pharmacology—and he mixed the psychiatric meds, before giving them out. I knew the answer might be in the lab (it usually is, or the library), but I didn’t want to get caught.

I went directly there, adjacent to the morgue. White bell-shaped flowers were everywhere, in vases. They were humming, as if the flowers were full of bees, pollinating.

‘Why was Doctor Jupiter collecting flowers?’ I asked.

Then, I recognized them. Wolfsbane.

I spent most of my time in the prison because the rest of the island was too dangerous to walk across, but I did remember seeing the genus growing among the rocks near the beach.

‘Doctor Jupiter picked flowers outside the wall where the wolves are,’ I muttered.

There was his cook book.

Prehistoric Monsters and their Antidotes.

For rabies, scabies, and lycanthropy.

‘Oh—my God, Werewolves!’

Come to think of it, each prisoner had a wound that wouldn’t heal. The doctor must’ve been bitten, and he turned. Now the drugs had run-out, for the full moon, and there wasn’t time to make the antidote.

I looked into the cupboards, and there was none.

Then, I found a small bottle under the sink. I checked the bodies in the morgue, and sure enough, each one was bitten.

The necrotic flesh was purple, a disgusting color, worse than death.

All I wanted to do, was to get off the island, but there was no boat. The best I could think, was to get to the lighthouse, and wait for the ferry.

That would require a long walk. I did have a shotgun, but that wouldn’t work against werewolves.

Then the thought occurred to me… the warden knows. He must have weapons that work against monsters. I went back up to his office and knocked on his door.

No answer.

Once inside, I walked to his glass gun case and opened the wooden drawer. There were rows of silver bullets.

To be continued…

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