My dad said,

“I was going to buy Microsoft stock when I was 29, but your mother wouldn’t let me.”

“I don’t remember that,” she said.

Well, he never bought the stock.

In high school,

I took risks that were out-of-character

and a girl told me,

“You’re not a risk taker.”

She was wrong.

I depend on my routines

because the world goes around

like beer-drinking golfers

on the course.


is dangerous


when we figure that out

we see the limits

of our universe.

If you don’t know yourself

you are probably in deep space

and deep shit

The life you choose to live

is as big as you want it to be.

This is how to be free:

walk in faith.

A gambler has to believe…

by trusting his gut

to give up control


he wins

or loses

He lets it all go

so he can weigh

his regrets

at the end

of life.

Without any risks

his horse never leaves the start

and it gets fat

with worry

while his jockey

has no use for his jockstrap

and he has to watch the race

in the stands

while he sits down.

If the priest ever tells you

that gambling is a sin

because it has destroyed families

ask him

about the winners.

Men who don’t gamble

never win

and they lose

over, and again

out of fear.

According to psychologists


far out-weighs

the feeling of winning

but a life without victories

is a god who never uses his power

and isn’t quite sure


he is a god.

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