I didn’t want to go back to my apartment

to face empty time

and I didn’t want to play golf.

So, I went to the library


I might find something beautiful

between the pages of old books.

Many censors

if not

all the major publications

have a stipulation on sex—they don’t want it in their stories

but Sigmund Freud believed

sex drives all human behavior

until death. It’s strange to ignore

the biggest elephant in the room

with the biggest gray… trunk (for lack of a better word)

you have ever seen.


is about revealing

what’s behind the curtain—


hiding it.

9 thoughts on “The Biggest Elephant in the Room

  1. So wonderfully said. Yes. I also like that you found solace, if you would, in a library. Libraries are sacred places of noise and learning. Precious places that give us so much.

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  2. As a psychology it must be called a patho-psychology, for its whole arsenal of terms describe only
    aberrations of the sexual instinct. The notion of health is completely dissociated from the soul-life.
    Freudianism is the Black Mass of Western Science.

    From a web sourced pdf!?
    The Philosophy of History and Politics
    Ulick Varange (Francis Parker Yockey) 1955

    On Freud & my mother: paradoxically we agreed that Sigmund Freud was overrated & wrong but probably for very different reasons. On the few occasions we discussed metaphysical matters I was so shocked at our divergence that I avoided much of such discussion over the years.

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