Animated and alone

the teacher talked


her physics professor

and how

he didn’t believe in her.

“Boys will get it, but you’re a girl,”

she said, he said.

Carrying a massive chip on her shoulder

she is unbalanced, and tries to upset anybody

who disagrees with her. She is 10Xs worse

than a mathematician—

like a female god with a bad attitude

who can’t make it rain.

She needs trauma, so she manufactures drama

like a runner-up queen

to the prom.

How horrible, to be a powerless god

like a failed genius, with an IQ above 170

and no creation

to show for it.

I am god, when I write

and the rain

are words

falling from my brain.

I admire the man

who doesn’t allow circumstances

to dictate

his story

because he is writing it

from the meaning

he creates

within himself.

Few people are Free

because they are held hostage

by public opinion.

The private detective

sits in his office

smoking a cigar

until he falls asleep.

There will always be murderers and adulterers

to catch

so he doesn’t need to look for them.

He waits for the phone to ring.

His Maine Coon

eats his left-over hamburger.

The toilet is out of order

so he goes on the lawn.

He is a public indecency

and it feels good.

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