the empty picture

the empty life

the blank page



an ocean.

I don’t want to be calm

I want to rain words

from the clouds of despair

from the winds of change

I want to discover

what I’ve been waiting for

in that white silence.

It’s not a beautiful snow scene

but an icy grave


the scars in my skull.

I don’t want to sleep

I want the sun

to melt my mantle.

The beautiful life


Words like rocks

that can’t be broken


When the mountain moves

the forest is filled with ash

and all that death

is spread-out evenly

so that life is born

like a bird

on fire

rising from the sea

of discontentment.

Stillness is not a Sign

of peace

but the contemplation

of the mountain



of a new world

that speaks to the empty soul

like a desert

waiting for water.

My words flow from hell


heaven is too peaceful.

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