Have you ever been so tired

that you thought

you would sleep-walk

out the third-floor window?

Or fall asleep in a sand trap

while playing golf?

That sand looks so smooth

when the only thing missing in your life

is a good night’s sleep.

Technically, that’s not true

as there is always something missing

unless you are Buddha or an Anal-Retentive Asshole

who keeps track of their shit.

The point is

little things matter

more than the so-called big things

when you don’t have them.

It’s hot and heavy outside


the humidity has made humanity


They don’t say anything

or express anything

It’s frustrating.

Everybody is asleep

while they walk around

and do nothing.

The girls who like to have fun

and the boys who are interesting

become like my parents.

If you are tired

the existential questions don’t matter

I remember…

when I went to sleep at midnight

and woke up at 3:30 AM

to work in the dark.

Those were dark days

and when I quit

I got good sleep.

In my unprofessional opinion

most mental illness can be cured with 10 hours of sleep.

If the world actually slept

we would be kinder to each other.

I am getting ready

to go to work

for a new year.

Summertime, is finally over.

I’m adjusting back

to 4 AM

so I can write every morning.

Stealing sleep is a crime


the US Government does it

to torcher terrorists.


do it willingly.

Sleep is my best friend.

I read a story in 1st grade

about a lazy guy who had brilliant ideas when he slept

but he was always falling asleep on the job

and bad things happened to him.

The moral of this story was against the sin of sloth,

but I rather thought

it would be great

to come up with grand ideas

in my dreams.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever been so tired…

  1. I love to sleep. I can’t wait to climb into my bed or relax in my recliner and just drift off. There’s nothing like it. There’s always one or two existential assholes who ask “How can you say you like sleep? You are sleeping; how can you be aware?” To them I say “Shut the fuck up and let me sleep. And turn off the light on your way out!”

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