I don’t invite their attacks

at least, I don’t think so

although, one doesn’t know thyself, fully

(There I go again, sounding like King James, when all I’m trying to do is find the right word.)

I didn’t know women can be aggressive, until I started working with them.

One wears this pink dress every day, with her tits hanging out.

She leans over my desk to intimidate me.

I’m trying to stare into her eyes, but that’s impossible.

“A Doctorate is a Dime a Dozen,” she said. “My husband and I have Land.”

I looked her up on Facebook, later. She got married in 2010.

Her picture was her, holding a pie

and staring up, innocently. She married a happy man who is no longer happy.

She makes a point of walking into my office and giving me notes without talking to me.

She contradicts me, every chance she gets.

I let her talk and then I don’t say anything.

It’s fun to figure these women out; I’m a psychologist.

The other woman is divorced. She told us, she chased a man down to Mexico.

I wondered who he was. If I had his number, I would call him and say,

“She can be sweet and submissive, until she doesn’t like you. Then she tries to make your life a living hell.”

She walks with her neck erect and her chin in the air. Her face is harder than oak.

The other one is full of emotional energy, even though she’s on tranquilizers and anti-depressants. She claims to have an emotional disorder, which allows her to empathize with her kids.

She runs into my office and accuses me of not inviting her to a meeting.

The quickest way to get her to leave is to say, “I made a mistake.”

The other special education teacher laughs when she leaves. “It’s okay if you don’t want to invite me to a meeting,” she said. Strangely enough, she has a happy marriage.

I laugh. The women at work are wonderful.

They inspire me.

They give me plenty to write about.

A wise man learns as much as he can from the opposite gender.

She represents half of the population, and she wants it to be equal.

Bad women happen to me, and I accept them.

Good women happen to me, and I accept them.

I love women.

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