I see them, younger, all the time

with boyfriends, holding their hands

riding on longboards

and going to the movies.

It doesn’t seem exciting to me

or original

because the same thing happens

year after year.

There are no young girls

with fire in their hair.

Most of them wear make-up, before they’re 18

to cover-up

their dullness.

The boys have one thing on their minds

The girls have nothing in their minds

Where do they go

when their hormones slow down?

The flowers are in full bloom and beautiful

but why?

Does nature have a reason?

Maybe, these thoughts are put together by a frustrated philosopher

It doesn’t seem that knowledge is worth knowing

It doesn’t seem that women are worth knowing

They prepare men to be ordinary—to think the same thoughts

and to believe themselves to be useful

This is to assume, nature can’t be by herself

heal herself,

learn from herself.

The girls become tired women

and the boys become nothing.

The tragedy

is that we need to be with other people

like a field of flowers.

Orchids are rare and delicate

They die

so easily.

There are many teachers

and few philosophers.

Those who explain

and those who don’t explain anything.

When everyone is asleep

the writer rises

to wake them up.

Romance is short-lived

because it’s seldom real.

Show me a man, chasing an ideal

and I will show you real love.

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