scratched CDs

lost library books

dirty looks, from those old women

who ordinarily, love me.

I am not a perfect person

nor, do I want to be.

I use stories

for my own satisfaction.

I have an obsession

with DVDs




like the music of the centuries

I like to watch the strange men of the library

I am becoming one.

I am guilty of underlining


in pencil

Each man has his own life

outside of the strife

of women

that can whittle him down to nothing, rather than making him sharp.

Women want to make other women

their heroes

They don’t want to lift-up a man.

I don’t like most female writers

although, I’ve tried.

Plath, is my favorite path to walk down

because she is a window into a woman’s soul

and it’s more frightening

than those monster movies

I watch.

How many men are werewolves

beating their wives

and how many women are witches

making the minds of their monsters crazy?

Dr. Frankenstein is a woman

thanks to female empowerment.

May her experiments be kind

and not the frightening kind

of monster

that doesn’t know who he is

shocked, within an inch of his life

so that he can function

for her.

There is no price

high enough

for peace of mind.

Men who love danger and uncertainty

should get married.


ride their bikes

down hot streets

of nameless cities

where they walk into corner stores

for cold beer, and ride along wharfs

next to, blue eternity.

There are many judgements

made by people

but only two, that matter.

One, after we die

when we measure up

in God’s eyes,

or don’t

and one, while we sit in our rocking chairs

and remember…

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