intelligent people

are late

slow people (stupid people)

are on-time.

I have always been


but now I’m getting smarter.

As I delay the day

because I have something important to do

I never have doldrums

It’s rude

but I would rather be late, and enter the storm

than wait for the winds to blow.

Starting a movie in the middle

is where the action is.

Maybe, I’m the main character who gets executed

so it makes sense

to appeal my case, and buy more time.

I write in the early mornings

one poem

two poems

I can feel the sweat of yesterday

like a grimy film

that I need to wash-off

three poems

Inspiration is more important than getting clean

This might be true for drug addicts.

I conjure a story out of my sub-conscious

and then I break


The rain on me

is creativity

and then the words really flow.

My story is telling itself

I’m supposed to be at the library

My tee-time is in one hour

Then, I need to meet my friend

and visit my mother

Being late for things

is go go go

Life is never slow

if you are always Late.

20 thoughts on “Late Shower

  1. A weird new spin on things to which I cannot relate. I’m never late and have no patience for people who make me wait. What a rude waste of my time. I’m like a fireman; I have my clothes ready the night before so I don’t have to stare at the inside of my closet for 20 minutes in the morning trying to decide what to wear. I hate having to rush anywhere. I hate having to rush, period.

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  2. I found this so intriguing the concept of time makes my head hurt! Also when I think back in my youth I was always late for everything now never (barring mishaps) but I get so frustrated by those who are I think I need to slow down and be more chilled ❤️

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  3. I don’t know about coincidences but this… Today I woke up and started writing a poem about addiction and didn’t shower first thing in the morning as I always do. I finished writing when rain started pouring. Then you liked my poem and I found the link to read this poem in my email. I don’t know what to say!
    Also, nice poem

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