I’m drinking espresso, in my apartment

sending back, all the gifts

fate tries to give me.

“No. I don’t want that job.”

“No. I don’t want that woman.”

They say that God tries to save a Man

in a dozen practical ways

but he’s still waiting on the miracle.

My experience

is that the rotten fruit

is waiting

to be picked-up

off the ground.

The good berries are out of reach

where nobody can get them, glistening in the sun, full of juice.

After a while, we don’t look up, anymore.

That special friend, rarely walks by

That real opportunity, is one in a thousand

I visit a barista

and her forehead is delicate

her smile, smooth.

“Do you want decaf espresso, non-fat milk, and ice?” She asked me, after I ordered.

“I don’t know, but as long as it’s mixed together.”

I enjoyed, looking into her eyes. I admired her head covering.

She was a Muslim, and I thought about changing my religion.

“That girl liked talking to you,” my mother said.

“I know.”

Later, I went to the bookstore, and read a book on Hitler and the Occult.

It said, your Will is like Seduction, working on another person.

Our eyes

were doing things to each other

and then

I broke contact


of religion.

I thought about buying that book, but I didn’t want to open-up a door to demons.

I have enough of my own.

What if I just kept looking into her eyes?

I would drown.

Then, I went to the second-hand store

and they were selling a piano

for 20 dollars.

“We could put it outside?” I asked my mother.

“No. The last piano I got rid of cost me 100 dollars to dump.”

Reality ruins romance, I thought.

11 thoughts on “Almost, Romance

  1. Beautiful story telling here. It made me smile, and yes, the reality is real. Great considerations along the way. Love the way your thinking plays.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I see your well done conundrum and bongos. When you return your gifts, good luck trying to get a refund. The secret is to play the demon piano in a thunderstorm. When lightning strikes the strings, the rain drops play magical songs that attract lost doves and dogs. All the beautiful chatty girls come to retrieve their dogs and build a field of dreams to perform a ballet for the Beast of the castle and to play Frizbee baseball for their wandering Fathers from the village of the Pied Piper where the children used to spin straw into gold before they ran away. The fates and the muses might return after hearing the thunder, but Zeus is taking a nap. But you’re more likely to get eaten by a shark than to get hit by lightning while inside a coffee shop when they’re playing one of the “Sharknado” movies.

    Liked by 2 people

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