Is it social intelligence

if you know when

you are boring someone?

A man decides he is going to blow-up the city

but high explosives are easy to trace

so he considers

unleaded gasoline

but he can’t pour that into a 5-gallon tank

because of the security cameras

so he siphons the fuel out of his car.

Being invisible

is an art


when people want to know who you are.

Is it true

that we live in wonderland

where every person is a unique


I am inclined to see a blanket of white

rather than crystals.


people talk about blowing up the city

but they don’t have the guts.


they write grand beautiful theories about it.


am interested

in personal performance.

What time of day

is my brain and body

willing to do what I want it to?


all theories must become practical

for them to be of any use.

That’s why

being a professional writer

is of interest to me.

Any idea

thought or feeling

can be put into a story.

There is no wasted time

only Storytime.

And it is foolish

to try to keep a lid on it.

If your job

is routine

to avoid unnecessary surprises

you will be disappointed.

The universe is random

and people carry it

inside their heads.


is like a curtain

covering up

naked reality.

Remove the curtain

and you’re going to have

one hell of a show.

12 thoughts on “There is No Waste of Time, Only Storytime

  1. We often, don’t act on our, impulses because we know, they may have an, adverse effect, but, by being able to, imagine things like, setting off a bomb, and, we’re, up high, just, watching the world, fall into, chaos, it usual, dose the trick to, take that edge off a bit, and, we don’t, hurt anybody in the, process, because we are, bound by the law.

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