Who is more dangerous

the man who can smell his own farts

or the man who can’t?

We are all striving to be superior

The worst amongst us

have social inferiority

and believe themselves to be private geniuses

to mask their rejection.

I have been guilty—most of us have.

If you can smell your own body odor

but you don’t take a bath, is this the first step

toward personal hygiene?

What if your attitude is


and you expect others

to accept, how you smell?

The people who say, “I just want people to accept me for who I am”

are working against themselves.

You can be arrogant, but you must be observant

by considering


A sociopath believes the world should get into alignment with them

because they are the universe—Narcissus, gazing into a still pond.

How you present yourself


A leader adapts to changes

fluid, like water


and full of power.

If you are not accepted

it is your failure, but you cannot live your life to please others.

You have a duty, to be You—there is nobody like You

You are an original, so you must work to develop that.

Many people are accepted

for being copies of the crowd

They don’t contribute anything

They hide in the group


unwilling to risk rejection

for the greater good.

Geniuses, are eventually accepted

because their creativity

shapes society

They think differently

to contribute

to the culture.

The crowd claps, for the crowd

and makes the same sound

Few philosophers are praised

but when they are

it’s a unique symphony

that echoes beyond the age.

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