So interesting, how quickly priorities change

You can want the world in the palm of your hand

one moment

and a toilet

the next.

You can want attention, fame, respect

and then, be so disgusted by humanity

that you only want to be by yourself

watching TV.

I have felt best

when I was alone

because there were no limits on me.

Sometimes, women seem to matter

and then, they don’t.

What a relief,

just like taking a good shit.

If a man feels good about himself

for no reason at all

nothing else matters. It’s a joke

on drugs


pop culture

and the crowd.

Living in the Moment

with the wind,

and you, feeling it.

Laughing at the absurdity

of making an effort.

We realize this

during brief moments

of our unhappiness.

Most of our pain is imaginary—

a phantom of our perception.

We are working hard without results

and then, we are hardly working

and the results come.

We open our eyes

and know the answer.

We go to the computer

and type.

The virus

is gone.

We are



out of thin air.

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