What’s the difference between a young bum, drinking a jug of wine

while standing on the sidewalk

and an old CEO, drinking Champagne from the penthouse?


It’s not a joke, although

we might laugh at the answer. Death, is the great equalizer.

We can’t escape our fate, and fools have tried—

rich fools, that is.

A drunk knows he can’t win—he can’t cheat death of her due.

A rich man holds onto his wealth as long as he can,

and he learns how worthless it is, in time.

Immortality, is a long road, without stop-lights.

Being stopped, tells us where we are—orients us to the present.

Family is more important than living a long time

What’s the point of making memories, if you forget them in 300 years?

What’s the point of staying young, if you can never grow old?

Young people are stupid and dumb

Have you ever listened to their conversations? What would it be like after 300 years?

Hell. Pure Hell.

That might be what hell actually is.


We get to endure it, for a short time, as parents.

Our love, gets us through.

I’m not a parent, but I can guess what having a teenager is like.

I’m shocked by the people who pass, especially as I get older

They were so young

Have I become old?

When my teacher dies, there is nothing left to learn.

I must teach,

and eventually die too.

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