the road stretches before me

I can see the mountains in the distance

I’m still in the desert, but I know where I am

Before, I was trapped in by-ways

between hills

that rolled and thundered and killed

there were so many twisting roads and dead ends

People come to an end and die

They don’t believe in the open road

the big sky

I’m here now. I’ve been driving for

what seems like


following somebody else’s advice

and then, throwing it out!


it’s dead reckoning

just my guts

connected to the earth

like dust

blowing in a whirlwind.

I’m opening it up

the road is like a runway

I can hear my engine burning

Exhaust, without being exhausted

I have wings

I’m an angel

a bird

a rocket

a high-speed plane.

Nobody can tell me what I am

if I Go

if I don’t slow


like a bullet

finding its mark.

I’ve been lost, finding my winding way to nowhere


I’m found.

I said,

“I’m just going to do what feels right.”

I’m in flight,

like a fighter plane

preparing to drop a bomb

Breaking Right

Looking at Lois Lane, on the ground

We can’t be together

I’ve spent

too much time

going in circles

Now, it’s a straight line

between points A and B.

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