I was on vacation, at the beach

it was midnight, and I was standing in the center of a road

headlights were staring at me

and I told everyone, I couldn’t stay—

I had lots of assignments to do.

I was taking 5 classes at university

and Finals were in two days.

I was ignoring my responsibilities,

and I had to learn the material in 48 hours,

or fail.


I woke up.

I felt awful,

despite getting 10 hours of sleep.

Waking up,

is a metaphor for rebirth. If you live in a new place, with new sounds

and new smells, it’s like a whole new life.

Where you live, is important.

Changing your life, is important.

It’s not healthy to stay in the same place for several years,

and keep waking up to the same

Routines, make you unable to appreciate the little details,

the ocean is different than a busy street

I’ve been living in the same place for two years, and my life hasn’t changed.

Waking up to bars, each morning

Waking up to morning, when your life has gotten old

Waking up to failure


to dreams

to the life, you have always wanted

being somebody, who has written from his heart

and created

the most unusual

work of art.

Waking up

is no different

than going to sleep.


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