When he went to a party, he always had some excuse, why he couldn’t talk to the prettiest girl

He was the most frustrated man

that I knew.

I decided to stage an intervention for my friend

I borrowed a hypnotist, for 100 dollars an hour

“That’s twice my going-rate,” he said.

“Well, this guy, needs real help. How good are you?”

“I got my grandmother to lose weight, and she’s been fat for 35 years.”

“What about a guy who can’t get laid, can’t get paid, is a slave, and believes he is free?”

“I could give him a gun, I guess?”

“No—that’s out of the question. It’s too much power, in the hands of a fool. He might not blow his brains out—he might shoot up a school.”

“Hypnotism doesn’t work that way. You can’t force someone to do, what they wouldn’t do, if they were fully conscious.”

“But you can bypass limiting beliefs. Am I Right?”


“And what if his anger is activated, like an atomic bomb?”

“The trick is to use his anger, like rocket fuel, to propel him to a new atmosphere.”

“I see. What’s your strategy?”

“Teach him how to use his will. Baby steps to success, until his identity is fully grown.”

The hypnotist walked into the party, dangling a clock in front of my friend.

His eyes went blank in a hurry. His body contorted, like a man possessed with ambition.

“The brain fails, when the programming short-circuits,” the hypnotist said. “I just gave him a new program.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Billy Graham. Faith can move mountains. People who think too much, doubt themselves.”

“Is that what they mean when they say, “Don’t over-think it?”

“Yes. The problem with the world is, smart people doubt themselves

while fools have unwavering belief in their abilities.”


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