It was a cold summer, until

after the 4th of July

and the women started to notice me.

I don’t know who pulled the switch,

but something changed.

They were looking at me

with desire

wetting their lips

batting their eye lashes.

I didn’t know what to do.

A crowd of girls walked past my friend and I

and they giggled like hyaenas.

“Dude, they all want you.”

“I know,” I said.

“Well, go talk to them.”

But I had the feeling it would be like a sailor feeding sea-gals.

When the chum ran out, they would want more

and I didn’t want a whole flock, to surround me


I just wanted one, good one—and they were all average, or below average

I wanted a flamingo, or a great blue heron

I didn’t want a barn-yard full of chickens.

These types of women move in flocks—they overpower

with attention.

A man believes he can have all of them, but this is a lie.

Women seek to pair-off

they help each other, unlike men.

I have never heard a man tell a woman, “I have a male friend. He’s single, good looking—you should go on a date with him.”

but women do this, all the time, especially as they get older.

I have a few female friends

nearing the age of 40, and as they get closer to mid-life, they are desperate to help each other get pregnant—at least, that’s what I think it is.

It’s an evolutionary response to a desert of unavailable men.

I like to take my time and observe a woman, because I know there is nothing more potentially dangerous, that God put on the earth, besides our other half.

Get that wrong, and it’s like an Atom Bomb or a Dirty Bomb or a car battery that explodes.

It’s fun to think there are no consequences for being with many women, but this is naivety.

It’s like Christmas, for boys, who think Santa Clause is coming, but it’s just their drunk dad

in a red suit, eating cookies on the kitchen table. Mrs. Clause is asleep, because she doesn’t want anything to do with Mr. Clause.

There is a clause, in the most important decisions we make.

Read the bible (especially the Old Testament) to understand the character of women. Believe or don’t believe—it doesn’t matter. It was written in a time when wise men made observations about women.

The reason why men make mistakes with women today, is because they don’t read their bibles.

They actually believe what the main stream media tells them about women (they are perfect princesses and quality queens), and most men are drinking from the trough of worldly wisdom. They don’t have a chance.

In the bible, women brought-down kings.

Today, the kings are media executives, superintendents, presidents, and professors who think they are above it all.

Women have society in their pockets—they always did. Women control men because men can’t live without women.

Put one toe out of line, and women tell all their friends.

That flock of hens will like you one moment, and peck you to death the next.

So be wary. Don’t get with a woman who tells everything to her friends.

Treat her right—otherwise, it’s the ax.

Men have honor. Women are pragmatic.


9 thoughts on “the almost Womanizer

  1. Finally women were looking at cutest Bro
    with desire
    wetting their lips
    batting their eye lashes.

    And my innocent Bro didn’t know what to do?? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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