Each summer,

I try to trim the fat off my body

with exercise

with protein shakes

with vegetables.

Women want a hard body

and they won’t look at a flabby one

Trust me, I know.

I’ve been at the pinnacle of performance

and into the depths of anonymity.

It feels great to have the sun on my shoulders

playing golf and going for bike rides

in the summertime

to be the bronze man

to be desired by women, and respected by men—

that takes work, among, all the other jobs I have to do.

Teenagers have a metabolism, and nothing but time

while I have a limited window

to make myself look like a limited edition show-piece.

I have never been obese

but I have flirted with the idea,

and I don’t want to be huge.

Basically, I’m doing this for myself

because it feels good, to look good

to be lighter, like a feather-weight fighter.

Even in my peak physical condition

I contemplate the absurdity—spending countless hours each day

doing repetitive movements

lifting tons of weight, with no purpose, but to tear my muscles

and burn fat. Doing all that work, for no pay. If people were paid to do it, they would quit,

but it’s a teenage satisfaction, most adults don’t know

because they won’t walk anywhere

or go to the gym.

I remember…

when all I wanted to do was to get a 6-pack and big biceps

and I did

I took those guns for granted

and that washboard, was never used to wash clothes.

My favorite history professor described physical exercise and dieting

as the mortification of the flesh. He was over 300 pounds.

Not me.

There’s a movie I like to watch

where the warden has gotten fat, during his comfortable career

and Kirk Douglas is a 70-year-old inmate

full of life and fit.

He gets out of prison and hooks up with a 30-year-old woman in spandex.

You can be free,

but if you don’t have the body

it doesn’t feel half as good.

It’s no joke:

you are your body

treat it like a temple

and sacrifice your flesh

to the gods of pain

Your brain will work better

Your body will live forever

Women will want you more than ever

You are Atlas,

the god

unwilling to shrug—unless

it’s 30 reps, with 45 pounds in each hand.


11 thoughts on “The Battle for My Body

  1. Smart women look for the wise , not refuse for the flabby. But you got to be healthy.

    Diet – Did you try protein diet? I dropped two dress size in one year. It’s a practical way of diet in my experience.

    exercises – try dancing to music, it is enjoyable than gym workout. and you won’t look like scary in biceps at the end of the day.

    I am sure you true love kiss is on her way, my dearest Bro.


    1. Hit the train. Read a philosophical book while you journey to your destination. Exit the train at the station of your choice. Disappear into the mountains and woods. Tackle the route to the top of the mount while you think about the book, your life, and reality. This exercise is much more complete than going to the gym. It does not only strengthen your body. It consolidates your whole being.

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      1. I prefer philosophy over psychology. Especially younger works on psychology tend to have the stench of self-optimization. I never got what we should optimize ourselves for.

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  2. Whether male or female those whom truly love you will love your personality and spirit first and foremost. You can be the most beautiful person in the world but if you have an ugly heart you are ugly, you can be the ugliest person in the world but if your heart is beautiful you are beautiful. I wish people in the world weren’t so shallow minded.

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