Courage has a cost

It can get you into the worst situations,

the stupidest predicaments

Often, it isn’t even necessary

and cowardice, is your best option.

People are afraid of public speaking

I was terrified

Consciously, people don’t know why

Subconsciously, it comes from a primitive fear of being rejected by your social group,

which meant, certain death, several thousand years ago.

Now, it only means that people laugh at you.

I am a sociopath with a microphone. I don’t care what people think,

which terrifies the crowd. They are embarrassed for me.

I am not yet able to take my pants down

in front of an audience, but I’m almost there.

Anybody can be courageous. Fools have jumped off cliffs. Men have died for honor

in high-speed drag races, for women wearing bikinis.

Girls love a man with courage. Those nameless faces in uniform, marching to their deaths

in war.

Girls love to brand a man as a coward

with white feathers. They always do what’s in their best interests.

I say, send the women to the front lines, for once—

and let them have the privilege of their guts hanging out

and screaming for their mothers.

Yes—courage has a cost.

Friends and family have told me to do the wrong thing

in the name of courage.

Well, let me tell them something… It takes guts to do what isn’t respected

to give-up glory.

I can say anything, to anybody, and not care, but that’s not courage.

Normally, I’m very polite.

Courage is when

you can smell the adrenaline

pouring out of your pours

When you are so frightened, you can’t talk

but you do it anyway—

even when your stomach, has evacuated your soul

and you speak from a place

that will go on, despite certain death.

I have stood in a bright room, until I couldn’t see anything

because it went black.

Any lessons learned from that moment, were

that I didn’t want to do it again.

Hysterical, five hours later

with blood pressure above 220, and not knowing why.

It was courage, that nearly gave me a heart-attack

over something meaningless in high school.

At least 100 points between systolic and diastolic.

Fear is in your mind.

People detest it, because they believe it’s a weakness.

Trust me, there are worse things that get in your way besides fear

If you can push those things aside, you have conquered the need for courage.

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