A definition of insanity:

is the inability to relate to another person

and there are many, in our company,

we don’t understand.

Is society crazy, for sifting-out the bad stones?

There are too many anonymous people.

A quality of leadership, is leaving no man behind.

I might undertake to write a book about deviant leadership,

but I don’t know who my audience would be


but who else?

I’m interested in mongrel dogs, with rabies, with the shit kicked out of them, on the outside of society.

Toughness is not a choice for the individual.

He goes soft, when he joins a bureaucracy—that, takes away his soul.

The artist, is an individualist, and social hierarchies mean nothing to him.

His values, like his philosophy, come from inside.

One day, choosing rejection will have its costs

when the crowd labels him

“Not Good Enough”

because his values belong to him.

If he joins, he will have to give up his suicidal dreams.

Perhaps, there is not a place, for this kind of philosophy—it speaks to something outside of the main stream—a bubbling brook of hot springs, erupting from its own source.

Nature kills her own—so, a man must become unnatural—a force, just like the wind. What is the wind’s purpose?


or a soft breeze

on a hot day?

We don’t see the wind, but we know it’s there


it affects everything.


One thought on “A Definition of Insanity

  1. Such an inspiring insight dear Bro. You are the best! A hidden planet. As you mentioned a mountain to be known.


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