If you need people to believe in you,

forget about it.

Their lack of faith says more about who they are,

than you.

During your strongest days,

they will doubt you.

This is true for leaders, gods, athletes, and artists.

The crowd wants to believe, but they scream for a sign—

they are never satisfied with the status quo.

Each new miracle

will never be enough—

and when they are disappointed,

they will forget about you, and look for something else

to disappoint them.

Lost people, want to believe, but they are lost

because they don’t have any faith.

The worst is when artists doubt themselves,

athletes lose their confidence,

gods feel they have made a mistake with their own creation and wipe it out with fire and water,

and leaders wonder where they are going…

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.

It doesn’t matter how much you accomplish

In fact,

the better you do, the more people will doubt you,

and to be a good god or even an average artist

you can’t care.

Miracles never come from the crowd

they happen in quiet hours, when nobody is watching.

People join the crowd, because they have lost faith in themselves

it provides comfort, to know, they are all the same.

Eventually, the true individual transcends winning and losing

beauty and ugliness

and he learns to appreciate everything, without labels.

He doesn’t judge others


He doesn’t judge himself.

He looks at his work and calls it good

Winning and losing is an illusion

nobody stays on top forever

The mountain is not there to be conquered

it’s a mystery, waiting patiently

to be known.


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