Dishes in the sink, means

that I have different priorities

Flies in the air, means

I have not taken out the trash

Paper scattered everywhere


I’m trying to think

I’ve enjoyed bachelorhood, just like I’ve enjoyed my education

Nobody wants to stay in the same place forever, even if it’s heaven.

Well, maybe that’s not true…

but the urge to move-on, is like the urge to pee.

I’ve let this place go

let myself go

trying to be literary.

I know so much about what I love

and now it’s time to love

what I don’t know.

Time to

walk back

to go forward.

It takes a heck of a man to change

Staying in a good place for too long

makes a man bad.

We have to get hurt to heal stronger

be hungry to enjoy a meal

Life, is more than what we feel

It’s where we go

who we know

what we do

How long, we hold onto,

until we can’t.

I fiddle with things

like a crab, carrying his shell

a house full of memories

thrown away, and kept

like photographs

or play things, from the past

Life begins, and dies

I walk on overgrown paths

that were well-worn

when I was young.


6 thoughts on “Childhood, Bachelorhood, Adulthood

  1. Sometimes, we are, stagnant, and, feel the need to, move on, away from that, but, we’re, totally, stuck, and, at times, we feel like, time flies by, too quickly, and, we want time to, slow itself down, but it, just, doesn’t…

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  2. I can relate. I recently had this strange experience that has jolted me out of my comfort zone, but I still might need more, not sure. It has stirred my creativity, which I’m thankful for.

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