It’s not important that people agree with me

for when they do,


do they understand me.

People take bits and pieces

of me

tear and rip

at me

and make a collage

that is all their own.

It’s satisfying, to read someone

I can relate to,

but if I had coffee

with them

I might get constipated.

Whether or not we like someone

has little to do with who they are

and more to do

with how they make us feel.

This is why mob bosses

who murder people

have friends

a killer, can be kind

a prostitute, can profess her love

a robber, can give good gifts

It isn’t fair

that the most popular people

don’t have

high moral character

They know how to stand out

but they don’t know how to stand up for things

Some do, I guess

but that’s not why they’re popular

We assign a value

to everything

because we believe it can all be bought

and people don’t know how to relate to something

or someone

without a price tag.

“It’s good that you can express your pain on the page, without facing your problems,” he said.

Mixed messages

make me constipated

When someone writes it down


there is not much nuance—I work it out with a pencil.

When someone is speaking

I read a whole book in two seconds.

All of the perverse desires of the moralist

come out

in the eyes.

He makes the girls giggle

—a power

many men don’t have.

When you are hot,

you can burn people.

We all have guts,

but we don’t care about that.

We care about

what we can see—


is only skin deep,

and we don’t seem to care

about anything else.

A facility with words

that seduces

like a woman with a snake wrapped around her arm.

“I think you found a new snuggle buddy,” he said.

“You can be my snuggle buddy,” she said.

We are one step away from sin

and to be a saint, is not to be spontaneous

The most dangerous ones

are worried about other people.

I have to do most things alone


that’s the only way

I can keep people out of my head.

To promise

what you won’t fulfill

is a rainy day

without a rainbow

It’s a sunny day, without a sun

like someone

turning on

phosphorescent lights

and you see them

for the first time,


the beauty of nature

and they

are just an X-Ray

of black and white bones.


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