It can be difficult to dig yourself out of a hole, especially

if you planned the hole.


is a way to face the realities

to give life something to look forward to

to know, no matter how bad it gets

I can write about it.

No experience, is a bad experience.

If you do an assessment

of where you are at, based on the emotions

of other people

they will always underestimate you.

We are living on borrowed time

We won’t be young, forever

Opportunities, Vanish

like the mirage, that we weren’t quite sure

was there

to begin with.

Who we think we are

has to be tested

and failure is not a conclusion

but as we get closer to the end

we are running out of pages

for something good to happen.

A new plan, is necessary

A new man

formulates a strategy

for perfect victory!



if he can’t change

he isn’t alive.

Rest and Routine

Relationships and Reflection

have given me a good life

but I cannot lie in bed forever.

The need to succeed

is making it impossible to lie down.

A relationship dies

It doesn’t have the magic that it once had

The conversation is no longer there

How did it happen that we don’t have anything to talk about?

In moments of emptiness

I get the answer.

I don’t want to move

but I have to.

If you are willing to do

what you don’t want to do

Nothing can stop you.

I would never be here, ordinarily

Something, is forcing me

like gravity, to move.

I can’t be comfortable in my attitude

It must find a new altitude

I hate asking for help

I hate being humiliated

but the need to move on, is bigger than my feelings.

I am about to get

really uncomfortable.


10 thoughts on “I am about to get really uncomfortable.

  1. No experience is a bad experience? We will see. I lost a friend last night. My friend did not die but our relationship did. The vitriolic words from my friend’s mouth were like a slow-burning poison in my gut. Never have I been so verbally (and needlessly) attacked. It was shocking; I know I will never speak with my friend again. Can anger of such magnitude reveal a person’s true colors? What a selfish way to act. What an awful way for a friendship to die.

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