If you taste your dream

like a dessert, with successful frosting

on top

you want more.

Let’s say, you want to be a golfer

but it’s realistic

to be anything else

an accountant, maybe?

or a lawyer?


anything else, will never taste as good

as your dream.

Few people


what they wanted to

when they were 18.

Frustration sets in


hard work

more anger

an unwillingness to accept mediocrity




the company you keep, giving you a 5-year mug

thanking you for your service

They think

you are replaceable

The losers like to pretend they are winners

If they don’t like you

they can take fake victory away.

A winner

doesn’t need to say anything

he knows what winning is

if he has been there before


there is nothing quite like victory

defeating opponents

one by one

that magical feeling

of invincibility.

If everybody gets a trophy

it doesn’t mean anything

If the parents don’t keep score

the kids know who won

If you betray yourself

no amount of success will redeem you

It takes guts to fail and to succeed at your dream.

There are dream girls

and there are women

Only a winner knows the difference


by the next big thing


for what he wants

Taking Risks

for massive rewards

So different

than just showing up

to work.

A loser

will never know a winner

A winner knows the difference

if he has won before.

The man on top

can spot a contender

He’s not

a careful follower


to be told off


those are just words

He listens to his own voice

the only language

that he understands.


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