Asking questions

is dangerous

“Don’t question me!”

Says Authority.

It’s easy, to challenge


it’s not real.

Socrates knew

that he knew nothing.

He asked questions

and discovered

most people were living on borrowed opinions.

If you question yourself

you can arrive at futility. It’s not a place, you want to be.

Why fly a plane? To feel free?

I’m already free. Now what?

Why be in a relationship?

The anxiety. The disappointment. The unsustainability.

We are alone,

even when we are together.

We have to die


When a man stops being lonely

what is there?

He could give to the poor, but there will always be the poor

He runs out of reasons

He becomes useless

staring at four walls, not wanting to go outside.

My uncle watched TV. He never did anything again.

It was all inside his box.

A man needs to survive

until he loses a fear of death.

My uncle had guns everywhere. He was fearless.

He couldn’t wait to blow somebody away.


leads to Sensuality


won’t let us die.

Even drug addicts can shoot-up in a clinic with a safe needle


read poetry

to stay alive.

What good does it do?

Suicide, is on the rise


there are so many helpless people

They decide

to end their life

to take something back,

but they don’t know what that is.

If you run out of distractions

the human race ends.

If you run out of questions

the answers aren’t there.

Ask a question

and another question

and you will get NOTHING.

Life goes on

I change my underwear

I try to say the right things

so people don’t get uncomfortable

I don’t ask questions

so people can pretend to have the answers.


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