Paradise, is what we walk into


it is seldom what we plan for.


If you value what others don’t value

you can be rich.


The men at work live carefully planned lives

even though they travel.


What makes a man exceptional?

He decides what he wants to do

and he does it.


Can a man live his whole life

without making a decision?


People don’t realize how insignificant they are:

Their opinions, don’t mean anything.

Their prejudice, is expected.


Their meanness, is not empowering.


People will look highly on others

People will look down on others

People don’t see People.


I didn’t get invited to a party.

One of my co-workers asked me if I was going

in front of the host—knowing full-well I had been snubbed.

I told him I was going to play golf—that parties weren’t my thing.

“You could join afterward,” he said.

“I’ll probably be too tired.”

They looked at me, disappointed—

not that I wasn’t going to go, but because I was indifferent.


I worked with her for 5 years

She made every day unpleasant for me.

When she moved on to better things,

she announced it to everyone.

Then she kept looking at me with expectant eyes

and when I didn’t say anything, they turned to hate.

Soon, she was ignoring me

to get back at me. This would’ve been perfect

if it had happened 5 years ago.


She walked into my office and told me

“I know you’re smarter than me.”

I didn’t know what to say.

People who say something like that

always follow-up their next sentence in their head

with something


“I’m better than you.”

I’ve only wanted to be myself,

but that makes people very uncomfortable.


She walked into my office and asked, “Are you crazy?”

This is the same woman who screamed at me in the hallway

more than once

who screamed at me on the phone

I didn’t say anything, and she kept screaming

“I don’t know,” I said. “If I’m crazy, I wouldn’t be able to know.”


Her friend is a feminist. She is married to a man who runs a private school.

We were getting trained.

“And in the Muslim culture, the man always makes the decision in public,

whereas, his wife makes all the decisions in private.”

“That’s the way it should be,” the feminist told her friend with a chuckle

My thought was, I can’t believe a man married you

A mental note to myself—never get married.


I got a membership at a golf course.

This is what many men dream of

when they retire.

Retirement is an idea

that allows people to postpone their lives.

It’s not a bad idea

to try-on retirement as a young man

to see if the old suit fits.

It doesn’t.

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