Every beautiful thing, starts with a foolish thing

like planting seeds…

the daffodils don’t debate their beauty.

If your life is empty, even though it is full of manure

that’s okay, because art grows out of what we don’t know what to do with

what we don’t know how to use

what seemingly—has no purpose

and that

is a beautiful thing.

We plant our daisies in a box

but nature doesn’t follow our order

it embraces chaos

a whisper

breathes life

into our carefully controlled routines

and we are off, to wonderland.

I’ve been trying to appreciate the poets

from the past

and some of them, I can.

I wonder, how many people I try to appreciate

What is this world, but full of experiences?

Give me the good, but not the bad? No. I want it all.

I have realized that most people are trying to protect themselves from being hurt

Their whole lives are a prison of work, so they will have money to fall back on

but they don’t experience the good and the bad


Just a narrow perception

like seeing a dim room, through a keyhole

and not wanting to open the door.

It’s a shame people don’t want to explore

this limited life

they have been given.

Don’t they remember, when they were young

following the train tracks

into the past and the future?

You can spend a lifetime getting to know someone

and they will still surprise you

You may even surprise yourself.

Here’s the trick:

You can’t control what you don’t know

and you can’t know, what you don’t know,

from your previous experiences.

Open your mind, like those puffs of seeds

carried by the wind

and you can go anywhere.

I love the librarians

and they love children

Maybe, I’m a child.

Books. Books. Books.

My library card has been cultivating love for a long time

check them out

return them

Otherwise, you might get a fine.

I don’t mind, though


I love my library.


5 thoughts on “I love my Library.

  1. My family says I am a walking PSA for the library. I take it as a compliment.
    When we are young we are more fearless because we lack life experiences. Many who are older are fearful out of the knowledge of experiences. However, I believe that we can take knowledge to grant us discretion and mindfully not allow fear to become our motivator. As you have written, when we realize we are not in control and the only thing we can control at all is our thinking and choices- therein we find a truer freedom without fear.
    Nice writes my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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