to make sense of the world

don’t make sense


the world doesn’t make sense.

I wonder what trope

I will hang around my neck

that stinks

that I will believe in

that I will eat

when the fish has gone bad

and I will still insist

it is good

it is alive

it can be released into the water

but I will never do that

I will never be a fisherman

because I know it’s a lie.

All of my excuses


on stinky perfume

to cover up

that slimy thing

made-up of more lies

the dead trope

around my neck.

the liars believe themselves

humanity believes the liars

nobody challenges

the dead trope

except the fish

that can’t be caught


the fish

big enough

to eat the fisherman.

the liars are everywhere

feeding the people

rotten fear

dead hope

simple philosophy—

the cheap fantasy we pay attention to

so that we can remain the same.

If you like who you are

without a maggot infested soul

there is no need for a trope

Get rid of technology

and the scales will fall away



no interest

in anything

and you will see the tropes for what they are

Don’t listen to anyone

and you will find you are just like your friends

the people that you meet

aren’t much different, except they won’t like you


they will like you

It’s frighting how much they are like you

and then you can change

but don’t ask for help

because you will become like everything else

that has changed

and then…

don’t announce it to the world

and the world will change.


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