there were Chinese children

and black boys

chasing each other

pacific islanders sitting on a bench

Russian girls in halter tops

getting looks

Just another day at the movies.

I was wondering which one of them would die first

Would it be me

standing in line for popcorn?

Being at home with my thoughts is just as good as watching a movie

I’m not crazy

I just write what goes through my mind

like ticker-tape.

We all have insane ideas

but that doesn’t make us insane, at least—I hope not.

Considering the purpose of philosophy…

it might be, that what we think about

becomes our reality

even fantasy

or how we view other people

life and death



that cause our misery,

and don’t need to

because we can think about them differently.

These aren’t feel-good thoughts

or positivity.

It’s our attitude about death

and the worst things that happen to us in life

that set us free

Fear and Hope,

can’t hold onto me

because I don’t hold onto them

Take me

whatever made me

and unmake me

the tides come in

and wash away my sandcastles

but they get made again.


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