I played golf with a man and his wife. They both had big butts

and I cannot lie.

“Nice shot sweetie!”

“Thank you dear.” She hit it 40 yards. I would prefer screaming and shouting

to their polite witticisms.

Most people are out there, just trying to have a good time.

I need to gamble. It feels good to take a risk and be rewarded.

Writing, is a gamble.

I wish there was more meaning in life than the next thrill, but many people

don’t even have that. Love is a good feeling, until it hurts

Revenge is a good feeling, until it hurts

Everything hurts after a while, and then I crawl into bed and write about it.

Writing hurts, and I listen to Classical music. Then I stop, and the silence.

I wake up in the morning

to a new day

Life would be way too long without that.

I’m almost out of balls

that’s something to do

I’ll find ’em. If I go to the right places on the golf course

I will collect many, in reserve.

It’s strange to have a hobby

when it could be a lot of work. When men think about that

they start drinking and watching TV. The trick to living a successful life

is not to think about it. What you do, might not make sense

like spending hundreds of hours writing for 2 cents a word.

If you don’t try

you can accomplish BIG things. Most of the time, it’s our mind that gets in the way.


Without Reaction

Writing, Without Accomplishing

Nothing gets done, and nothing gets undone

You are a river flowing towards the ocean

No need to stop the flow

and contemplate.


2 thoughts on “It Hurts… and then I go to Sleep.

  1. I haven’t figured out a different way to get anyone to listen to me. At least I can delude myself into thinking the bots actually read my poem because they “liked” it. At the end of the day, I guess we write because we can. I appreciate the honesty that comes through… or at least what I THINK I’m picking up on! That’s another benefit of writing: it’s always open to the reader’s own interpretation!

    Liked by 1 person

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