the masters of the movies

take an old dog and make him young again

he teaches the young pups new tricks

he gets with an old bitch who looks good

the masters of the movies manipulate their audience

with superficial emotions

that satisfy most people

the soundtrack speaks to the past

people love to hear their old songs

made new again.

the masters of the school system

know how to manage people

there isn’t much difference between children and professionals

I laugh, when the teachers raise their hands

to be called on

by administrators.

the masters of the church

make the congregation feel guilty

selfish, in some small way

in order, to get more

of their money.

the masters of marriage

are women

who demand that a man grow up, so he is capable of change.

the masters of society are men

but only a few men

All the rest

follow them

and if you don’t follow

you have no value to them.

Don’t be tricked into believing

they care about you

their smiles are fake

their suits are common

their emotional words, say the same things

Be your own Master

and the constructions of men will crumble

the masters of the past

will speak to you

with the written word

they were writing selfishly, for themselves

ironically, those are the masters you can trust.


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