the dog pisses on the flowers

the cat doesn’t mind

I go for walks, too tired to write poetry

and my thoughts, stick inside my head, anyway

There are few things

I consistently love, because

few things

consistently love me.

The Universe is Random

but we dress it up with emotion

like a whore

in a 300-dollar dress

elevating her, to celebrity status.

Some, find success


they see better, than the rest

A blind man flipping a coin

10 times

“Heads, I win—Tails, I lose.”

He wins 10 out of 10

We all lose in the end.

The traffic lights blink red and green

the cars don’t know what to do

Lives run like clocks

until they break


tells us to be like God

but we are like ants on the ground

All we see

is what’s in front of us.

We bring a temporary consistency to the chaos

and believe we have control

“It’s my fault.”

No wonder we go insane.

Cancer eats us

and we pray

What else can we do?

Fear and Hope, are the drugs we take

An insecure ego

needs a legacy

and drops the atomic bomb

The suffering is unimaginable

until it stops

thank God, it stops.

We want a moment, out of the glare

We want to be young, while we can

The monsters amongst us, are us

We eat each other, because

We don’t know what else to eat.


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