has much to teach us


has more to teach us

I have graduated from the school of my own thoughts.

I am not going to hurt the people who have hurt me.

Any action, causes a reaction

My strategy

is to succeed.


is a poison

that makes my heart bleed

until it pops.

We are often in Purgatory

for a purpose

so that we can sift through the sand of our soul

and take-out the bad stones.

My desire

is to lead—

not to be in charge

but to be an example

for others to follow.

I have spent much time

thinking of myself

and now,

I want community.

I still think building walls is healthy

getting away from humanity

is smart

but there is something in me

that wants to build-up


I know the risks.

Being used

is a probability

but I’m done with bitterness.

The roots of my tree

are planted with kindness.

I think we can become

what we want to be

despite conditions, and


create the miracles

for a heart that can love

when it should hate.

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