Scotch, Cigars, Convertibles


The politics of pretending to care

Egos, that deflate like balloons

Then, blow up again, full of hot air

until they pop.

I know what it feels like to be on top

Somebody, trying to push me


It’s not fair

That’s what happens when you try to be higher than somebody else

The need to compete and compare

will lose you respect, like displaced boulders

falling down a mountain.

Being comfortable, in who you are

will make you solid, like the mountain.

You don’t have a shaky footing,

when you keep both feet on the ground.

Climb higher

on the ladder of success

and it falls over.

Those who believe themselves to be better

have such a hard time making friends

they usually like people, who are just like them—

Narcissists (lovers of themselves).

Hubris, is entertaining to watch

The arrogant, don’t learn anything

They believe themselves to be


To have the magic touch,

not based on any strategy.

It’s comedy—

intelligent people, acting like fools

Somebody Smart


they know everything.

The Editor of Cosmo

commits an intellectual crime

murdering, the chief sophisticant

by putting poison in their Wine

while the slovenly detective


their obvious egos

because he has been learning people

for decades.

They never Change

They gamble to escape reality

and if they win

two in-a-row

they think they can play dice with the gods.


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